Monday, May 31, 2010

Quiz: Me about Myself

1. What’s your favorite color?
Red, because it shows passion

2. What’s your favorite band?
It used to be Savage Garden in my teens, now I listen to many genres of music; it’s hard to choose only one band :)

3. Are you happy with your life?
No, never, unfortunately I am the kind of person always willing to get more, to improve, to become perfect. Looking back, I obviously had great results and accomplishments as a student, in high school and in college, but never after that. Having a full time job takes up too much of the time I would dedicate to study and research. I NEED MORE TIME!!!

4. What’s your biggest wish?
To move to France, speak French every day and visit every centimeter of that country :)

5. What’s your opinion on life?
I strongly believe in reincarnation. That’s why I somehow accepted the fact that I cannot get everything in this lifetime as long as I am convinced that I did some amazing things during my past lives and some other opportunities are yet to come in the next ones. There is really no ending and I am not afraid of death, which is merely a new beginning to me. As to life, it is a sequence of tests to get to another level of perception and fulfillment.

6. Do you have any obsessions?
Maybe my childhood, the best period of my existence so far. An avalanche of good memories keep coming back to me in certain moments, it can be overwhelming. I really miss those times and those places…

7. Why France? Why French history and so many French books?
I cannot explain this attraction to France and French history. It’s beyond anything reasonable. I am ready to devour any kind of information related to this subject.

8. What did you wish to become when you were a child?
An actress, a singer, a politician, a writer, a model, a journalist and a historian altogether :) and I still hope to be able to pursue at least one of those dreams, that of becoming a writer someday.

9. Your favorite line from a movie/TV series:
Joey from “Friends” when he turned 30: “- Why God, why??? We had a pact!!!” : )))) cause that’s what I was going to say on my 30th birthday : ))))


Anonymous said...

3. "There's not enough time" :)

Stela Gheorghe said...

Not in this lifetime ;)

Anonymous said...

Stela, a young, beautiful and complex person that wants to challenge the blogosphere?! Welcome ;)

Stela Gheorghe said...

Thx! I am looking forward to revealing some thoughts, ideas and complains (i am really good at that! haha) here and thus creating premises for nice conversation.

Katy said...

1. Blue like the sky
2. Idem, i still tremble when i listen Darren ..;)
3. Life is to short unfortunately...
4. To move to England...France..not my taste :)
5. ""That’s why I somehow accepted the fact that I cannot get everything in this lifetime"" i do not accept this...i whant to do more, I do not want to be forgotten. As to life, too many words.
6. I miss childhood to. Obsessions? painting and music :)
8. :)), Let see: designer, decorator, painter,architect and a writer. I still hope to be able to be a great painter :))

p.s. nice to meet you :)

Stela Gheorghe said...

Nice to meet you too, Katy :)
In fact, Savage Garden's "Truly madly deeply" was our first dance when my husband and I got married :)

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