Monday, June 7, 2010

4 days to go till World Cup opens in South Africa

4 days to go till World Cup opens in South Africa.
I have watched all the European and World Cups ever since 1994 but almost never watched any other important football competitions, not even Champions League. You will probably wonder why. Indeed, this passion comes to me only once in two years.
I guess the answer would be: I love competitions between countries, not clubs. I am probably being subjective but it's not only more fun, it's also more motivating to perceive the participants as a bunch of representatives for a nation. It's never grueling nor tiresome, only enthusiastic. At least for me.
For the same reason I love the Eurovision contest.

P.S. I hate post-match comments. It's merely vacuous drivel.

My favorite teams: Portugal, Italy, England, Spain
My favorite football player this year: not awarded yet... still need to think
My favorite football player ever: Davor Suker.


Uli Eckardt said...

I can't await seeing Germany winning the Cup this time :)


Stela Gheorghe said...

No way ;) You got Eurovision this year, that's quite enough. Let the others get a piece of cake too ;)

Anonymous said...

I want to see them make it to the final, and then lose it :))

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