Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why do I love "Pride & Prejudice" (2005)?

Ranges among my favorite movies ever because:

- Presents a pure love that no longer exists in our century. There are practically no erotic or passionate gestures, no touches but you can sense the chemistry going on between the two lovers in their looks, in their verbal fencing. The single physical expression of their love is the final kiss.
- Includes one of the most romantic moments i have even seen in movies, namely, the final scene happening at dawn, in the fields, on the background of the rising sun, so innocent, so divine and so long expected by us, the witnesses of an angelic kiss rounding up the story.
- The characters are perfectly embodied by Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. I have read the book years ago and their representations are both very close to the image i had in my mind (most viewers prefer the Darcy played by Colin Firth - 1995 version, but i like Matthew Macfadyen better). Instantly fell for both of these characters as much as they fell for each other.
- The plot is funny, even though the subjects treated are nothing but serious. There is much humor in the story, especially when it comes to the Bennet family sisters' behavior, their mother's changing attitude towards events and Mr. Collins' snobbish and exaggerated manner of talking.
- The movie is based on a novel written by a woman, in fact, a very courageous one for the beginning of the 19th century. Let's not forget the fact that women had no jobs, no rights and no freedom of choice at that time. Subsequently, it's quite understandable why the movie appeals more to the female public (including me!)

Romance and love are the key words to describe this wonderful picturization leading us through the meandering adventure of Lizzie up to the point where she finally admits her true feelings and the fate drives her right into the arms of the perfect man.

I can watch this movie over and over again, it's still fascinating to me. A classic love story - old-fashioned, emotional, simple. That's all.


Anonymous said...

Is Keira Knightley the look-alike of Natalie Portman is it the other way around?!
If I have to pick I'd choose Natalie Portman.
Check out some more of Hollywood's resembles:

Stela Gheorghe said...

I don't think Keira looks like Natalie at all :) But they are both very sweet indeed. said...

Hello my dear,

I finally got the chance to write something about the well known - Pride & Prejudice,with its many screen representations.
Well, I must admit first I like the movie where Colin Firth stars more than the one where Keira embodies the main female character. It's closer to my soul (I've practically seen it 4-5 times so far)and I believe Colin Firth's movie partner, namely Jennifer Ehle embodies very well the type of woman Jane Austen intended for her female character. She has very beautiful eyes and witty presence but without the childish innocence that Keira so fully exerts and which does not really fit the rebellious attitude that Ms Elizabeth Bennett hides underneath.
I think the female character plays a far more important role than the male one does. Our Mr Darcy is mainly a silent person, who prefers to listen to people around and build up their profile from what they express in words instead of directly communicating with them. Therefore either Colin Firth or Matthew Macfadyen matches his role quite well, irrespective of his female partner.
The humour is present - how can it not be when practically every British film has a touch of irony and humour so finely crayoned? It's in their nature to be so.
The plot tracks down a love story you wouldn't find nowadays anymore. Beyond the language, which most of the time used too many words to express simple facts, love has something innocent within, without the arrogant eroticism and sex implications so abused of in our days. It's nice and cosy to be able to watch such a movie and transpose yourself into a world where there is no need for violence and dirty language to survive and where contemplating a vast area of green forests and older buildings is enough to fill you up with energy and calmness.
What else? I recommend also the other movies made after Jane Austen's novels (of which I consider Sense and Sensibility to come on second place after P&P). We all need something beautiful in our lives.

Stela Gheorghe said...

I am glad that you enjoyed the subject and seems like we found another thing in common (because we have several :) ): the love for Jane Austen’s novels and some of their screen representations. When I wrote this article, some while ago, I was still under the influence of the latest version (2005). I never said I didn’t enjoy the earliest (1995) but, I must admit, the images and characters were not very fresh in my memory. Meanwhile, I took the opportunity to rediscover the 1995 series with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. Now I definitely share your convictions concerning the refinement of the portraits and the exquisiteness of imitating Austen’s characters in such a perfect way, so close to the way I imagine them when reading the book. Colin Firth is excellent indeed in his role of Darcy, I never said he wasn’t, though he is not as sexy and attractive as Matthew Macfadyen. But perhaps you are right; Firth is closer to the initial character Austen meant to portray, while Macfadyen is more mysterious and sensitive, from the very beginning. Jennifer Ehle completely suits her role as Elisabeth Bennet, though I don’t particularly like her hairstyle :)) Her gorgeous smile and lovable appearance make half of the movie’ success with the public.
If making a parallel between the two versions, in my opinion, Mrs Bennet is more suggestive in 1995 than in 2005, so is Mr Bennet, the sisters are excellent in 1995, especially Lydia but also Mary, while they are merely faded appearances in 2005, some elements of the book are changed in the latest version in the purpose to create a more romantic setting and to compile the whole action into a 2 hour movie, while the TV series have enough time to follow all the details of the novel in 6 episodes. Bottom line, I adore both the TV series and the movie, I would watch them over and over again, they give me pleasure and a state of easiness and optimistic perception of the world… It is always appeasing to know that everything will come to a happy ending!

Stela Gheorghe said...

As to the other movies made after Jane Austen’s novels:

Sense & Sensibility (1995) – quite engaging, though not my favorite
Sense & Sensibility (2008) – almost perfect, except for Hattie Morahan’ bulging eyes :))
Mansfield Park (1999) – nice, but didn’t particularly like the leading character
Mansfield Park (2007) – absolutely terrible, haven’t seen it through
Northanger Abbey (2007) – really sweet & charming, both setting and actors
Persuasion (2007) – nice movie but terrible choice of leading actress (her hair was awful!)
Emma (1996) – very pleasing, Gwyneth Paltrow perfect in her role as Emma

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