Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Smiling - a healthy & constructive approach to life

Ever since I can remember, I have been living in a world of stress, tears, worries and fear thinking that it is the way life is supposed to be, and there is nothing we can do to change the portfolio of our attitudes and approvals. But lately I have had the chance to get in touch with another universe of behavior, considerations and state of mind. I am not saying that French people are perfect, but at least they know how to preserve their level-headedness and no matter the situation they face it with a pure and innocent smile that already solves half the problem. Their attitude towards life is genuinely healthy and constructive. No nerves, no yelling, no resentment, no hatred, no envy. Everyone minds his own business, smiling and showing compassion or understanding towards the other.

I used to wonder whether the Romanian innate spirit of curiosity and evilness was to condemn or to pity. Now I am quite sure that I would never be happy as long as I think and act as a Romanian/Moldavian, dominated by anxiety, irrational mistrust, a sense of rage and betrayal. It’s simply not healthy. As a proof to that, being in Bucharest for 8 years made me very sick and brought me to a state of great tension and frustration with my life. I am now quite resolute: there is no happiness when spending nights awake worrying about money, family issues or disputes at work. No. The only chance to have a normal life and achieve contentment is to live in a healthy society where people smile at you sincerely and do not curse you behind your back, where they do not interfere but when asked to do so, always in a very gentle way, to avoid any offenses, misunderstandings or hidden meanings.
I am now eager to reshape my perspective on life according to some new values.


Robert said...

Îmi pare bine că nu ai fost până în Franța degeaba :). Totuși eu nu aș crede că în Franța "everyone minds his own business, smiling and showing compassion or understanding towards the other". Nu că aș avea vreo problemă cu Franța, dar pur și simplu nu cred că e adevărat pentru nicio țară de pe acest glob. Oricum, concluzia ta îmi place. Baftă la "reshape my perspective on life"! O să ai mare nevoie.

Stela Gheorghe said...

Da, poate suna un pic idealistic, dar atunci cand dai piept cu o alta lume decat cea cu care ai fost obisnuit, it's kind of striking. Poate totul e o aparenta, ramane de vazut, dar si aparentele conteaza uneori, felul cum esti tratat, abordat, felul cum ti se raspunde si atitudinea oamenilor in general.

Anonymous said...

Imi pare bine sa aud tonul asta, pozitiv, nu ca te stiam altfel, doar ca ai avut aici un post mai putin optimist.
Eu sunt convinsa ca atitudinea personala face mult! Succes si pupici de la noi!

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