Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Growing old is a good thing

Growing old is not necessarily a bad thing. You become wiser, more experienced, patient, confident and perceptible. But you also become more sensitive to good memories and nostalgic about your past. I assume the greatest disadvantage of growing older is not having the time or the mood to go crazy like you used to, and you constantly feel like losing your freedom. And of course, age progresses along with the number of responsibilities..., which can be overwhelming.

The solution to the nevrotic nostalgia is trying to make some unaccomplished forgotten dreams come true. You can keep the spirit alive by proving yourself to be able to do anything, no matter how difficult it may seem at a first glance. Take the challenge and change your life for the better, or at least try. Believe me, it is worth trying; because the age is likely to kill your enthusiasm forever.


Robert said...

"Growing old is a good thing": I do not see it as a good thing or a bad thing. It is just your view on the world that is changing; that may be good thing for you, or it can be a bad thing as well, or both at the same time, or none :). In the meantime also the world is changing. So, as you have said just "take the challenge", and do not think in terms of bad and good, just live it as it is.

Stela Gheorghe said...

That's a good point, Robert. You have an absolutely healthy vision on things. I agree with you. This post was a kind of self encouragement, I suppose :)

HotIce said...

a more healthier vision would be ... to understand that ANY bad thing that you are experiencing happens for your own good, cose otherwise how would you be able to learn ?

its true, first you gotta take everything as it is and do not judge anyone, cose everything has a purpose and NOTHING in this world is random ... the secret is to love whatever happens to you and accept it as it is ... learn from your past, live your present and dream about your future, as for the rest, its not your problem ... your only problem should be your own experiences ...

so in conclusion nothing in this world is bad, we just make it look bad ... its all about the process of learning cose this is how it all works, and its all about how you see things, cose i can make a bet with you that you can give me any subject or detail you want and you think its bad, and i'll prove that infact its good ... its just a matter of how you see things and how do you think the life goes on ...

hope i had some coherence :P have a nice day

Stela Gheorghe said...

@ HotIce
"any bad thing happens for your own good" - hard to agree on that, bad things just happen, whether they subsequently change our lives for better or worse

"you gotta take everything as it is and do not judge anyone" - yes, that's good advice:) but I was actually discussing another subject here, not judging anyone. Growing old is natural and some people have difficulties with accepting this evolution. I just wanted them to get another perspective.

"learn from your past, live your present and dream about your future" - very well said! but i would rather build my own future than dream about it :)

"nothing in this world is bad, we just make it look bad" - depends on education, experience, lifestyle and character how well we manage to distinguish between good and bad and stay away from bad things, because they really exist, in my opinion.

Thx for the post, HotIce, your point of view is very interesting!

HotIce said...

"but i would rather build my own future than dream about it " - you are creating your future by dreaming about it (not in a fanthasmagoric way) ... do you know anything about law of attraction ? if not, search for it :)

first tought will be "what a crap", like i did myself ... but after LOTS of things that happened to me i can fill in pages of examples & stuff about how it worked for me (wont tipe it in here cose its too much to type, but if you want, ask) :) just dont eliminate this option from the first time, cose this is really serious business :P

im recommending you those 2 links, and try to look at em from start to end, its just less than 20 minutes in total ...


remember, dont judge by appearences :)

(did you dream you would get in france ? ;) )

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