Saturday, September 17, 2011

Religion – accepting inheritance or making a choice?

I wanted to write about this for such a long time but, frankly speaking, I was afraid to make waves. Religious issues have caused wars in the past centuries and even nowadays people continue arguing about religion and keep imposing their religious beliefs on other people without realizing that such an attitude endangers our freedom of thought as individuals.
Every human being has the right to believe in whatever he/she wishes to believe in and nobody is entitled to compel him/her to believe in something else or to question his/her choice. But most of us do that consciously or unconsciously during our entire life.
Unfortunately, even atheists tend to engage into religious debates and never miss the opportunity to display the rationality of their own considerations on this subject. No matter our religious education we just cannot help trying to force other people to share our beliefs. I cannot understand why. Although we more easily accept vegetarians or homosexuals, when it comes to religion, conflicts always turn out to be deep and dangerous.
I was born in a Christian Orthodox family and baptized in an Orthodox church at a very early age, being unable to agree or disagree with my parents’ decision to make me an Orthodox. In our country children are simply condemned to continue the tradition, based on a decision that has never been theirs.
I have read many things on different religions ever since I grew old enough to ask myself various existential questions and the subject started to interest me as from a philosophical point of view. Like everybody else, I used to share my family’s beliefs out of habit, but as I continued to build my own assumptions I gradually realized that the religion chosen for me by my parents does not define me at all. I am not in any way against it and I would never try to convince my family that being an Orthodox is wrong, however I prefer to be offered the freedom of choice at this age, without being misjudged or looked upon as a traitor or a freak.
Theoretically I have this freedom but breaking up with tradition would definitely mean alienation from my family, a hostile social environment, and having to deal with people’s incapacity to accept my new beliefs.
I don’t want to criticize any religion in particular, but I perceive Orthodoxy as primitive, pessimistic and depressive, inducing a gloomy state of mind. The churches, the songs and the manner or praying inspire me nothing but sadness, melancholy and black thoughts (entirely personal & subjective perception).
In conclusion, I would like a different life for my child. I want to encourage him to make his own choices in every possible matter, including religion. At the right age, he would probably show some interest (or not) in reading about religion and decide what he wants to become. I would be fine with him not wanting to embrace any religion, choosing something among the existing ones or even creating his own personal faith. I still hope this beautiful perspective is possible and applicable without causing a social scandal.
We are not obliged to adopt our parents’ religious, political or any other kind of views. Religion is not a disease we have to live with, it is simply a choice we make. The important thing is to believe in what makes us happy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No beauty during pregnancy

People say pregnant women look more beautiful than they did before. I think it’s totally false. When you see a pregnant lady who got fat you obviously cannot tell that to her face, instead, you try to approach her with more delicacy by saying something nice and cliché like: wow, you look even more beautiful!
Pregnant women cannot look better than they did before for several reasons. First of all, they are getting fat. It’s normal, it’s obvious and it’s visible. When a woman feels fat she cannot look beautiful, at least for herself. Secondly, pregnancy makes some odors almost intolerable, including make-up and creams. Most pregnant women tend to avoid make-up or stay away from it. And another reason is that morning sickness makes everything so unimportant, like wearing a sexy dress or a fine make-up. You’re going to throw up anyway, no matter what you are wearing…. So, why bother?
No beauty during pregnancy, that’s the harsh reality. But there is still hope after the baby is born to get back to the old mermaid shape or even better. It all depends on the woman’s strong will and motivation.