Thursday, November 15, 2012

What is happiness?

Defining happiness is not easy, as human beings perceive this notion in a totally different way. There are few moments in life when we realize (on an emotional level) how happy we are, but the feeling is so soon forgotten that it immediately turns into a faded memory.

Positive emotions commonly generate happiness, such as achievements, shared love, affection, joy, or a state of well-being, like pleasure. Merely seeing a beautiful flower or looking at the blue sky can bring happiness to some people.

We all want to be happy, but we can’t really say when we are… It’s obviously ironic that such a powerful life goal can’t even be identified when it turns into reality. As soon as we achieve what seems to make us happy, we instantly find another object of desire to start the quest all over again. It is never enough for humans; they can never be entirely satisfied. Our mind is vulnerable and miserable without some kind of long-term motivation.

Happiness clearly cannot be reduced to a few agreeable sensations. Rather, it is a way of being and of experiencing the world. Unfortunately, most of us acknowledge that we rarely feel happy as a whole. Is such a permanent state even possible? Perhaps that’s the explanation for so many people turning towards divinity in search of ways to maximize their chances of happiness.

Instead, let’s just try to make it simple: establish a goal and show absolute commitment, no matter the sacrifice. Spiritually not materialistically. A true state we must aim at from inside. The search for happiness comes from within, like so many other things we get in life.