Friday, September 13, 2013

Interesting facts about Christianism

1) According to the earliest Christian documents, Mary Magdalene was a close friend of Jesus, accompanied him everywhere, stood by his side when he was crucified, was the first to discover his resurrection. However, she is not an apostle, her role in Jesus' life has been forever minimized by the church just because she was a woman. Not to mention the legend of her being a prostitute, invented to decrease her credibility, as she tried to continue her friend's work by preaching (after all, she knew what she was saying, after spending so much time with the son of God!).

2) Mary, the mother of Jesus, is believed to have been a perpetual virgin all her life, but actually, she had other children after Jesus. The truth has been very well concealed by the church because the idea of a virgin divine mother suited the new religion's purposes. The same early documents prove the fact that Jesus had 4 brothers and even sisters. Just one reference to the family is mentioned in the New Testament, all the others have been deliberately deleted by the church. 

3) James, the brother of Jesus (traditionally half-brother), preached to the Jewish Christians for 30 years after Jesus' death, however, his role has also been minimized by the church, simply because he was the son of Mary, allegedly a perpetual virgin, but also because of the rivalry between James and Paul (at that time, the Church faced a choice between James’s or Paul’s versions of Christianity).

4) Many people have no idea that John the Baptist was also related to Jesus (a cousin, there is but one reference in the Bible, if you read carefully). Jesus looked upon him as a teacher and admired him very much. The Christian church tried to cover this family relationship for centuries and the admiration Jesus felt was regarded as unworthy for a divine figure.

5) Chistianism, at its foundations, is pioneered by the apostle Paul, who ironically never met Jesus in his life. His beliefs, which later became the basics of Christianity (especially Orthodox and Catholic), relied on a vision he once had, nothing more.

(inspired by - The Secret Family of Jesus, documentary, 2006, UK, by Robert Beckford)