Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A few reasons to enjoy "Being Erica"

- If you are tired of typical American TV shows, here's a getaway (Canadian show). Touching, sweet but not overwhelming, mingling reality and SF in a reasonable, enjoyable way.

- The show actually has a point, and offers quite a life lesson to everyone: when you're down, there is always a way to get over troubles and get back in the sadle, and the only one who could help you is yourself! Of course, there is a therapist in the show, but not everybody affords going to a therapist. You can simply become your own therapist, review your entire life, write a list of regrets, and instead of going back in time to fix them, as Erica did, just learn to live with them, see them in a different light, or get rid of them as soon as possible. By the time Erica becomes a therapist in season 4, you should be capable of handling any situation without despair, stay calm and resolute about your most difficult decisions, remain focused on the future rather than the past. Once you get rid of regrets there's nothing holding you back, you are able to let go of everything that happened in the past and open a new symbolical door towards the future.

- Makes you wanna travel through time! Erica's therapy makes it so real and accessible.

- Makes you perceive doors from a different perspective! Every door becomes a new potential world - into your past or your future. More respect for doors! :-) Wish the doors in my life were so flexible!

- Makes you wanna wear a lot of dresses! Erica's collection of dresses is amazing. She rarely wears anything else. She' so feminine and natural... a good example to all women who have no idea how to become more attractive.

- Makes you wanna clean up the mess in your life and start all over again, as Erica did, having a new approach to life - more positive, more optimistic, more considerate towards others, in order to avoid other regrets added to the list!

- At least two or three nice love stories to watch out - Julianne & Brent, Dr Tom & Amanda, Sam & Lenin, and my favorite - Erica & Kai (I don't particularly like Adam...)